Spill Toronto

Think outside the cup, coasters for the everyday experience.

Why choose our coasters?

Enjoy a cup of coffee on top of a premium hand-crafted coasters, made right here in Toronto.

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Hand-made by Students

Each coaster goes through the journey of crafting, cutting, and smoothing through multiple members. The quality of every coaster is checked to match our high standards of perfection, for you to enjoy.


Made with premium quality clay, each material is handpicked to ensure the product will last for a life-time. The products are durable to handle falls from various tall heights.

Unique Designs

No two coasters are the same, each coaster is made differently. Set the mood at a home with different styles based on your mood.


Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about their coasters.

Hyuga K

I love the styles of the coasters, really help give some style to my apartment.

Gary D

The coasters are strong, I throw them at [the] wall and [they] never break!

Andres Z

Never thought I needed a coaster until I got one of these, they are great.

Our Donations and Sponsors

We partner with other companies to improve our products and the community around us.

Provide us with a location to work and advisors to help us along the path to create our business.

Ten percent of all revenue we make are donated to WaterAid, helping people around the world have access to clean water.

Support us with servers to continue our improve our web presence, and well, to continue hosting this website!